Greg is a truly dedicated and excellent teacher who’s processes are on the cutting edge of Tai Chi. My health has benefitted from his program.
                   Dr. Len Grossman,  MD

Over the years I have tried Tai Chi classes, but I was never happy with the teacher.  Halleluyah! Our teacher Greg is teaching us a lot.  We are learning gentle movements that are increasing out muscle strength out muscle strength, flexibility and balance. Blood flow and suppleness are increasing.
Special props are not needed! 
Greg is a keeper.
                                                        Carolyn Lewenthal   

I have been working with Greg for two years studying Sheng Zhen Qigong.  His teaching skills and technique are outstanding. Greg brings his enthusiasm for Qigong and inspires the class to move forward. 
I find the physical benefits of Qigong considerable, but it has also taken me to another level of being. I feel a flow of energy fill my body.   It is an invigorating experience!             

Patricia B

Healing Qigong taught by Gregory Boster is an enjoyable experience and it has made a noticeable changes in my life. My circulation, especially has improved. I'm much more relaxed, and there has been a definite increase in m;y ability to concentrate. These are only a few of the many benefits I've acquired in our Healing Qigong class.
                                                                                                                                       Joyce Macky

Greg, a master of Chinese exercises and a mystic. These mind boggling exercises that not only gently move all the various parts of your body but create and electric magnetic type of energy that is beneficial to all that you touch.
Greg, I wish to thank you, for at the age of 92 you have taken away much pain and made me feel so much better.
                                                                                                            Max Gruber

As an old marathon runner and coach I was up on the premise that "No pain, no gain. " Therefore, I was initially skeptical about an activity featuring relaxed movement and "feeling good." That skepticism soon vanished as the numerous physical and mental benefits inherent in Healing Qigong  became apparent. Healing Qigong greatly alleviated the rigidity of my muscles, increased overall flexibility and improved my balance. It has brought about more self -awareness, relaxation and reduction of mental stress. Now Healing Qigong is a vital segment of my daily routine and "Not pain, Great Gain" sure beats "No pain, No gain."
                                                                                                                     Herb S.