New Heart INstitute

Education for healing the heart, mind & body

There is a huge need . . . 

Heart disease is the number one killer around the world.

Many people are stressed out, 

overworked and burned out. There is a need for a simple self-healing system that works naturally. Our modern lifestyle has upset the delicate balance. People need a practical, self healing therapy.

We teach a unique way of cultivation of life's energies

We teach self-healing practices that help the Qi flow and relax the body, boost the immune system, balancing emotions. People can facilitate their own healing from the inside out.

This can be a stepping stone towards the final goal. It can lead people into the sweetest and the most beautiful state that is the gift of the highest energy and Love in the universe.

Heal the heart and awaken the soul

The purpose of practicing this qigong is to experience heaven’s power in the body and in one’s being. There is nothing more powerful than unconditional love.

This is a system of cultivating and connecting, heart-mind, heaven-earth, science-spirit.

New Heart Institute is a non-profit organization dedicated to sharing and teaching the cultivation of universal Qi and unconditional Love. 

Through simple practices healing energy is cultivated and circulated in body, mind & soul. We feel relaxed and connected within and with Heaven and Earth.